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Well established, well-known South Gippsland local Jane Gardner is delighted to be part of the team at One Lifestyle Real Estate. Jane has an extensive background in advertising and marketing thanks to nearly 10 years spent recently in the local news media landscape working as Advertising and Digital Media Manager for the now closed yet well-known local mastheads The Great Southern Star newspaper, The Gippsland Tourist newspaper and co creating the online masthead The Paper. Her experience with the local print and digital landscapes across greater South Gippsland and Bass Coast, together with her contacts and networks across the region will allow for fantastic promotion of your property. Holding co-ownership of her families successful, and international business, Southern Tech Systems dealing with all things relating to general business practice, Jane is experienced with business management and understands the needs and pressures that face business, buyers, and sellers of many types of products and services. As the family business is now very well established, Jane felt that now was the time for a challenge and a change of interest. “Real Estate is something I have always been interested in and thanks to a call from Dean after the local masthead closure due to Covid 19, it was clear the time was now for a career shift”. Jane says shift, as her real love is offering her clients, both sellers and buyers the absolute best opportunities for success, regardless of industry but particularly important in Real Estate. Sales is something she loves and thrives on and Jane passionately believes that to deliver the best you must invest in every interaction as if you were the benefactor. “Clients and people in general, deserve genuine quality of service which only exists if true effort and integrity exists, success is earned not given.” Having an extensive background in retail sales within the region in the preceding 20 years, its fair to say Jane brings a wealth of local knowledge and experience to the team plus with a personal love of gardening at her own Lifestyle property located in the heart of South Gippsland you can rest assured she understands why it matters to live the dream. Jane hopes you may get in touch with the team at One Lifestyle Real Estate and would love to have a chat with you regarding your requirements for your next sale or purchase.

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