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Well established and well-known South Gippsland local Jane Gardner is delighted to be part of the team at One Lifestyle Real Estate. Jane has an extensive background in advertising and marketing thanks to working across South Gippsland in news media for a decade delivering high quality content for the region. Also holding co-ownership of her families successful, and international business, Jane is very experienced in all aspects of business and negotiation and places high importance on the quality of service, particularly in Real Estate. “Buyers and sellers deserve a solid, dependable, trustworthy service offering the highest quality products with real client communication. As Agents we are here to provide the best service for your most important asset. The entire process should offer real integrity and transparency of the highest standard throughout your campaign” Sales is something Jane loves and thrives on, and Jane passionately believes that to deliver the best you must invest in every interaction as if you were the benefactor. “Success is earned not given.” Jane and the team at One Lifestyle bring a high standard of sales results, offer a wealth of local knowledge and experience and Jane also notes a personal love of gardening and styling at her own Lifestyle property, located in the heart of South Gippsland, as an insight into why she loves Lifestyle Property sales. “Lifestyle property is always unique, filled with opportunity and story and present a chance to live a dream.” You can rest assured your property is in safe hands as Jane also lives the dream! With her contacts and networks across the region Jane offers high quality promotion of your property, consider reaching out today to discuss your options via a confidential chat.

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